"Bob's Photo Gallery From 1963"


My Girlfriend Carla & My Friend Jay At Dade City, Florida Winning The Quarter Mile Oval Race In 1963

Winning The Dade City Road Race In 1963

Wheelie My First Jump Bike In Florida 1970

My 250 Bultaco Jump Bike 1970

After A Good Jump 1970

Jumping Figure 8 Cars In Florida 1970

Doing A Wheelie At My First Jump, September, 1970

Lots Of Cars In 1972 On My Greenville Suzuki Sponsored Suzuki 400

Way Past The Last 19th Car 1972 On Suzuki 400

Checking Out The Bike 1972

World's First Canyon Jump, April 16th, 1972 .. 152 Feet On Suzuki 400

My First World Record, 15 Cars, Tampa Dragway 1972

Real Hard Landing With No Landing Ramp

Almost Hit The Last Car In Evansville, In.

World Record Jump At Tampa Dragway 1972 Sent On The AP Wire Worldwide

My Fans At Tampa Dragway After Record Jump 1972

The Cow Palace Jump In San Francisco, Ca 1972.... It Was High Up With No Catch Ramp!

The Landing At The Cow Palace, I Made It With No Crash.. 1972

The Only One To Jump In The Cow Palace And Make It... WOW !!

Life Was Tough In The 70's Being A Motorcycle Jumper Having To Pose With A Playboy Playmate...Oh Well!

Talking To My Fan's In The South!

All My Fan's At Tampa Fairgrounds Jumping 50 Motorcycles 1972

Trying Out The Kite Cycle... What A Ride!

This Was A Time Exposure Shot In 1972

Bob Lenk Was A Great Friend And Editor for Cycle News Dixie...I Was In The Paper Every Week Thanx To Bob!

Doing A Wheelie On My New Factory Kawasaki Ride In 1973

Doing The Ryder Commercial 1973 That Had 140 Million Viewers On Super Bowl "8"

Just Before The Ryder Jump 1973

Checking Out The Ryder Jump

Bob & The Gang Checking Out A New Cycle News Dixie! Jan Was My Girl Then!

High Speed Side Saddle Wheelie On My Kawasaki 350 Factory Bike

This Bill Board Was In 5 States For The Big Jump 200 Feet Over The Lake That Ended My Career!

Testing The Deist Shute In California Before Lake Jump. If I Had It On I Would Be Walking Today... 20/20 Hindsight!

After My Crash, I Put Together The Kite Cycle Promotion, We Are All On The Beach In Daytona 1976

My Kawasaki 900 Side Car I Built To Do My 8000 Mile Cross Country Ride Generating 1.2 Million Dollars..

Big Promotion For Joe Wornicki For Mayor In Florida 1976

Bill, Evel & Bob At Evel Days 2007

33 Years After My Crash I Get To Sit On My Suzuki 400 Again, What A Great Surprise!

Thelma Reeves Was My Suzuki Sponsor In Greenville, S.C. 1972.... I Love Her So Much!

My South Carolina Mama Mrs. Reeves & I With My Bike In The Background, What A Reunion After 30 Plus Years!

What A Joy To See My Suzuki 400 Again After Over 30 Years!

All The Gang At Evel Days, Butte, Montana 2006

Meeting Debbie Lawler "The Flying Angel" For First Time At Evel Days

Debbie In Her Jumping Days As The Flying Angel...

Robbie Knievel & Bob At Evel Days 2006

My Good Friend Clint "Batman" Young At Evel Days, Butte, Montana

Gene Sullivan Jumping For Jesus At Evel Days 2007

Rocket's 12 Fire Wall Crash World Record At Evel Days 2007

Doug Rose Driving The Green Mamba Jet Car In The 70's


My T-Shirt Front's

My Toy Made By The "7" Inch Daredevil

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